Why Alpha Sigma Tau?

"Being a commuter student makes it hard to interact with other students outside of classes. I was also shy and found it hard to get the courage to talk to other students. I was encouraged by my friend, Elle, to come out to an event at the end of my Freshman year. I took a liking to the ladies I met at AST's sleepover themed event. I came back to Recruitment in the fall of my Sophomore year and created an even stronger bond with many of the sisters in AST now. I can rely on them for a laugh, advice or even just a good time. Since being in AST, I have found everything I have been looking for in a school organization and I feel right at home with my sisTaus." -Amaya (Spring '20)

"I chose AST because I found the sisterhood that brings me happiness and encouragement. To be surrounded by strong, unique women who share the same values and grow into becoming exemplary women is amazing. I'm just glad that they will always be there for me as I will always be there for them." -Amy (Spring '20)

"I joined Alpha Sigma Tau because I wanted to be apart of an organization that embodies the same values as myself. I love being apart of AST because it has blessed me with amazing sisters and best friends that I can count on for love and support. AST has given me endless opportunities to get more involved and meet new people and for that, I'm forever thankful." -Adelina (Spring '19)

"I wasn't sure that joining a sorority was right for me, but one day of recruitment changed that for me. I wasn't having the best day and contemplated attending that night's event. I decided to attend the event anyway and I ended up having so much fun with everyone. I left the event in a much better mood than I came in with. From then on, it was clear to me that I wanted to join this group of women who had made me feel so welcomed, supported, and loved. I will always be grateful to AST for the skills, opportunities, and sisters it has given me." -Gina (Spring '19)

"What attracted me to AST was the beautiful personalities of the women I was originally blessed to meet. After engaging in thoughtful conversation, I was left craving more and was eager to learn about AST as an organization. I felt such a strong connect not only to the women that bring this organization to life, but to the values they encompass and the way they represent them! I wanted nothing more than to share those values with others and live by them always!" -Emily (Spring '19)

"Growing up, I never thought I would join a sorority. It wasn't until I decided to go to an AST recruitment event that I decided maybe Greek life was for me. I chose AST because I saw how strong and kind the women in it were and dreamed of being like them. Joining this organization has blessed me with women who teach me to be stronger every day. Whenever I need someone to pick me up when I'm down these ladies are always there. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful women who share the same values as me." -Lexi (Spring '19)

"When I walked into my first recruitment event, I knew I had found my home. AST has not only helped me build relationships with people who share the same values as me, but has given me a family. Joining this organization helped me blossom into the person I am today and gain confidence and strength while being surrounded by people who are by your side on both the good and bad days." -Elle (Spring '19)

"I chose AST because I wanted to surround myself with intelligent women who shared the same values as myself. As I became more involved in the organization, I realized that these women are truly some of the best people to look up to and seek advice from. I found forever friendships with my sisters and couldn't be happier in my decision to become a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau." -Jordyn (Spring '18)

"I was drawn to AST immediately. I went to all of the Fall 2017 recruitment events my freshman year and got closer with so many sisters, and had such a good time bonding with everyone, and then I officially became a sister in Spring 2018. I truly felt at home and was even blessed to meet my best friend through AST, and I will forever be thankful for that. Being Director of Philanthropy for 2 years has allowed me to grow as a person, professionally and personally, and has given me so many skills I will use throughout my life." -Micalina (Spring '18)

"I joined AST because although I was not looking to join Greek life, I learned that there was more to a sorority and sisters than the friendships and connections that many talked about. Overall, I learned leadership qualities as well as personal values that align with my way of thinking." -Ari (Spring '18)

"During the time I joined, I did not know much about Greek life nor wanted to be in a sorority. However, the sisters were inviting and I appreciated the values of AST. Overall, the organization has pushed me to grow in many areas and taught me a lot." -Viviana (Spring '18)

"I chose AST because of the sisters, more specifically, the people and their character traits. The way they were there for each other through the good times and the bad showed in their actions and their words. It was amazing to see the way that they spent time together, not just as sisters, but as friends." -Ceili (Spring '18)

"I chose AST because I needed a way to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. Seeing that AST's values aligned with mine, I joined. This made it easy to make friends and have support, even as a new kid on campus. Most friendships you make in Greek life will last a lifetime. Having a sense of belonging and sisterhood is the most rewarding feeling." -Mayar (Spring '18)

"I decided to join AST because I knew it would help me unlock my potential to become a better leader, student, and woman overall. I've seen the amount of grade and dedication from an outside perspective, so I'm very proud to be apart of this sisterhood with such amazing people. When I learned about AST's values and how they aligned with my own, I knew I wanted to experience something so special. As a freshman, I wanted to find a 'forever home' and be the greatest version of myself, and that's exactly what happened! This organization caught my eye and led me to some of the best opportunities I've ever had." -Gabby (Spring '18)

"I joined AST because as soon as I got to my first recruitment event, I felt at home. My goal in joining Greek life was to find women with like minded views who I could confidently call my sisters and know that they would have my back no matter what. That's exactly what AST has given me and I couldn't be more grateful!" -Jade (Spring '18)